Friday, 2 April 2010

Grunge Chic.

-Article I wrote for The Boar, University of warwick, January 2010. Only just got round to posting!

The reanimation of the 80s, in my opinion, was a horrendous idea. I still can’t get over the fact that some people considered shoulder pads to be flattering! Luckily for me (and perhaps a few others) the 80s fashion trend has now officially reached its peak and, much to my delight, is now on a steady decline.

It is now time to revisit the 90s! Courtesy of Kurt Cobain et al, fashion in the 90s was largely dominated by grunge. Thanks to one Alexander McQueen this fashion trend has gone full circle and is now earning back its ├╝ber cool status. After a good stalk of the catwalks, I’ve come to the conclusion that a must have item to truly embrace your inner grunge girl comes in the form of a pair of shredded tights.

In the past the shredded tights, closely related to the distressed denim family, was an item of clothing that I would never have even considered acceptable let alone fashionable. Team them, however, with the right outfit and it could work. After all grunge is more than looking like you haven’t washed your hair/clothes for a month. It truly is a style and every style comes with certain rules. The key to this look is accessorising. So I recommend you invest in a pair of chunky boots, black mini and throw in a studded belt. You’ll finish with an outfit that effortlessly screams grunge chic rather than give the fatal impression of having an unfortunate run-in with a sharp finger nail.

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